Kati Leskinen’s art has been influenced by comics and street art culture in all its diversity: cure texts and many variations of urban human being . 


Sumi-e ink paintings, acrylics on the plaxiglass and other paintings.

Pilakuva kiusaajasta II, 2016. (yksityiskohta)

SLOW ART – Symposium works 2019-2020


There is many steps of failure. Some are personal tragedies what happens slowly in decades or in summer months. Failing is my the biggest fear. The beautiful violas one of my personal symbol of failure. At eight years old I sang the song witch tells about violas. There was a singing test at my school, if you pass it you make it to music class. I failed. After one of my summer jobs in garden selection, where we take care of flowers, for example violas, I got depression. And violas are here in Gjurtars. Even one failing happened there in Gjurtars. I couldn’t finish my ink drawing, I worked too slow.

Vantaa 2019

Curriculum Vitae


Exbihitions in Finland and Europe

L-WORD (Loser) 2019, sumie ink.

Kati Leskinen

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Heavy Words 2019, sumie ink.